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Your Project. Your Plan. Your Partner. 

FTK Construction Services offers a wide variety of construction services to meet almost every client need. Whether renovating an existing building, installing a new roof, ensuring compliance with LIHTC regulations, mitigating a large loss, or managing the preventative decontamination of a facility…the FTK project team will achieve your goals. FTK originated due to the construction challenges that our founders experienced in their previous property management careers. Those challenges from years ago now ensure that our team understands how a project can impact your daily operations and how critical it is to deliver a high-quality experience to you, your staff and residentsBecause of our people and processes, we will exceed your expectations.  

As our country currently battles the COVID-19 CoronavirusFTK Disaster Services can help. Our team of dedicated, experienced Bio Technicians, certified in all facets of Level 1 and Level 2 Biohazard Mitigation, expertly provide preventative disinfectant application and decontamination services for your building or facility. Whether you require a one-time decontamination or an ongoing periodic treatment, our Biohazard Specialists are your partner in creating a safer environment to welcome your staff, clients, and customers back.    

It is our honest, transparent and ethical approach to business that helps us maintain long term relationships with our clients. Your ProjectYour Plan. Your Partner. 


FTK specializes in Multi-family and commercial property renovation services.


FTK is fully capable of handling large and small property damage claim repair services.


FTK offers litigation support and remedy rebuild capabilities.

Affordable Housing

FTK is a fully bonded LIHTC renovation provider.


FTK Roofing is a full-service roofing company.