At FTK Construction Services, we enter into every project with one goal in mind: SUCCESS.  Success can mean many things, but to us, SUCCESS means delivering your project to you on time, on budget and with high quality results that add value to your business.

FTK Construction Services incorporates into every one of our projects what we believe are the seven factors of successful projects:

  • Well-defined and prepared scopes of work
  • Extensive early planning(materials acquisition and scheduling)
  • Experienced leadership, management and first-line supervision
  • Relationship with client that encourages active client involvement
  • Project team chemistry
  • Quick response to problems and necessary changes to original plan
  • Construction managers that appreciate the total project

Value Engineering

FTK Construction Services offers an organized approach to identifying unnecessary expenses during design and construction and to investigating alternative design or construction technologies which could be implemented to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or performance requirements. In order to maximize cost savings, it is best if we are brought onboard very early in the construction planning process. We take advantage of proprietary techniques and specific knowledge we have accumulated from our extensive hotel renovation experience. It’s not uncommon for FTK Construction Services to offer fresh design or construction insights which may have escaped the attention of a separate design team. Again, to best utilize our expertise, it must be employed during the planning and design phase.

Construction Planning

Due to the dynamic physical changes to a site and facility during construction, forming a good construction plan is exceptionally challenging. On the other hand, construction operations tend to be fairly standard among projects, whereas structural or foundation details might differ considerably from one hotel to another.
This complexity lends to countless possible plans for a given project. While past experience is a good guide to construction planning, each project is likely to have special issues that may require considerable ingenuity to take advantage of. At FTK Construction Services, we rely heavily on the client-operations-contractor relationship to overcome challenges. We take a collaborative approach in identifying potential problems and overcoming challenges.

Pre-Project Planning

Even before design and construction processes begin, there is a “pre-project planning” stage that can be critical to successful completion. In this stage, the project scope is established. When our clients have it, we strive to understand their Property Improvement Plan, which minimizes pre-project planning and coordination, and can help ensure a positive outcome for the project.

The definition of a project scope typically involves:

  • Developing alternatives at a conceptual level.
  • Analyzing risks and economic payoff.
  • Developing a financial plan.
  • Making decisions to proceed (or not).
  • Deciding upon the project organization and control plan.

A good definition of scope allows all parties involved in the project to understand requirements and to work towards them.


FTK specializes in Multi-family and commercial property renovation services.


FTK is fully capable of handling large and small property damage claim repair services.


FTK offers litigation support and remedy rebuild capabilities.

Affordable Housing

FTK is a fully bonded LIHTC renovation provider.


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