Your Project. Your Plan. Your Partner.

FTK Defined

Why We’re Here

FTK’s long game has always been to be the unequivocal General Contractor of choice for LIHTC, Mitigation, Restoration or Multifamily Renovation projects. And we are! We’ve earned that status. We understand that this is Your Project, Your Plan, and that we are Your Partner. We’re ready to take on your project.

So what does that
mean for you?

That your vision for your project will happen. That there won’t be any surprises. That you’ll know what’s happening at all times with our customized weekly progress updates and our innovative approach to documenting each project through technological investments. That, bottom-line: You’ll have an accountable partner in your project, not just a vendor…and you’ll love the results.

At our Core...

  1. We remember the WHY – purpose and passion drive us
  2. We own it! We’re accountable and transparent
  3. We challenge ourselves daily – To grow and innovate
  1. We collaborate – As a partner, not a vendor
  2. We’re bulldogs – We never quit!
  3. We “give back” in support of children’s charities

Charitable Tithing/Volunteer Work

Many people ask what “FTK” actually stands for. Surprisingly, it is not the initials of the founders of FTK, like so many other organizations. FTK represents “For The Kids.” A core value of our company is to seek opportunities where we can positively impact our community. So from day one, FTK Construction Services has actively participated in community programs and charitable events that enrich the lives of children. Every year, a portion of our annual profit is donated to children’s charities. We also encourage our associates to be involved in charitable, professional and community organizations. Below is a list of some of the charities we have provided support to:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Blue Sky Therapeutic Riding & Respite
Treasured Vessels Foundation
Pure Hope Foundation
29 Acres