The Power of Technology

Since our inception in 2001, FTK has continued to provide expertise and high-quality results for our multifamily clients. Via cutting-edge technology, we deliver real-time information and accuracy from the job site. By integrating our vast construction experience with technology, we streamline operations, allowing us to scale to meet our client’s needs. To ensure excellent communication through our networked systems, every FTK employee has a company issued smartphone, laptop, and field personnel are equipped with an Apple Ipad Mini Tablet to upload and/or share information in real-time. With a 100 percent cloud-based infrastructure, our technology enables our employees to operate anywhere at their fullest capabilities.

These are some of the technological systems that we’ve implemented at FTK that set us apart.

We utilize Construction Software, supported by for estimating and Vista by Viewpoint as our Company Accounting Software. FTK Production is light-years ahead of the competition, using QR Code Technology to track our materials and Smartsheet Integrated Scheduling Software to keep every Project on track!




Lead / Opportunity

  • Project lead information is initiated in our CRM system, with dates of interactions, scope notes, and follow-up details scheduled within the software.
  • Once qualified, the lead moves into a Project Opportunity status that triggers our Estimating Team to jump into the Opportunity files.
  • Communications regarding opportunity details are stored within the system, preserving communication threads and details automatically for future reference.

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  • Drones are used for aerial imagery and to supplement initial inspections, including roofing, utilizing Thermal and 4k cameras.
  • We utilize a software program to create 3d models of buildings from images to supplement takeoff measurements and counts as needed.
  • Our Estimators utilize digital takeoff and estimating software to produce highly accurate and timely bids.



  • FTK’s final bids are submitted per client specifications electronically.
  • Bid reviews, team meetings, client meetings and general collaboration are conducted via Microsoft Teams software. Notes and documents are stored in this system as well.
  • Documents are signed via DocuSign, with digital signatures allowing for execution from anywhere.

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Project Management

  • All projects are set up and managed with Procore Management Software, allowing shared access of all project information to team members, sub-contractors, and owner representatives.  This streamlines the process, resulting in faster project completions, increased accuracy, and greater transparency.
  • Superintendents inventory project management tasks and materials using a QR Barcode program daily while onsite.
  • Our Production team uses a cloud-based schedule management software, which updates in real time.
  • Internal payment processes, project progress billing and final project closeouts are handled electronically, and sent out before leaving the Project Site!
  • Weekly Progress Reports are digital, and sent to owners with the updates on work completed, work anticipated the following week, weather impact assessments and more, all supported by project photos.
  • All financial updates and Completion Percentages are tracked in real time via our cloud-based online reporting software.
  • Final project closeout is audited and deemed completed and officially closed.