Project Management

  • All projects are set up and managed with Procore Management Software, allowing shared access of all project information to team members, sub-contractors, and owner representatives.  This streamlines the process, resulting in faster project completions, increased accuracy, and greater transparency.
  • Superintendents inventory project management tasks and materials using a QR Barcode program daily while onsite.
  • Our Production team uses a cloud-based schedule management software, which updates in real time.
  • Internal payment processes, project progress billing and final project closeouts are handled electronically, and sent out before leaving the Project Site!
  • Weekly Progress Reports are digital, and sent to owners with the updates on work completed, work anticipated the following week, weather impact assessments and more, all supported by project photos.
  • All financial updates and Completion Percentages are tracked in real time via our cloud-based online reporting software.
  • Final project closeout is audited and deemed completed and officially closed.

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