As a Co-founder, Owner, and COO of FTK Construction Services, Mark oversees production services nationally. He has been involved in the Commercial/Affordable/Multifamily industries as an Operator and General Contractor for over 28 years. Mark has extensive experience with insurance related restorations as well as value-add residential, LIHTC, multifamily, and commercial property. He is also recognized as and has testified as an expert witness in construction litigation remediation cases.

In 1999, Mr. Frazier created Kaygan Companies, an incorporated company specializing in the renovation of value-added residential, multifamily and commercial property. Mr. Frazier’s successes, experience, and integrity allowed him to develop personal and professional relationships that have resulted in an esteemed clientele. In 2001, upon completing a highly successful joint venture in Las Vegas, Kaygan Companies entered into a partnership agreement with Goodman Enterprises, Inc. to form FTK Construction Services. With a focus on construction management and acquisition consulting, FTK Construction Services now enjoys national recognition as a multi-million dollar full service contracting company.

Long before creating Kaygan Companies, Mark began his career as a Texas home builder while still earning his Business degree at Southwest Texas State University, quickly moving into an Assistant Project manager on the multi-million dollar San Marcos Academy project. From there, he joined Area Builders where he honed his skills in estimating, materials research and cost management. After a successful career in project management, Mark expanded his focus to include land acquisition and development. It was also during this period that he transitioned into independent contracting and development, working with teams of adjusters in hurricane-stricken areas. As a result, in 1990, Mark co-founded S-Mark Enterprises, a company specializing in insurance related restorations. After the sale of the company, Mark was recruited as Director of Operations by Village Companies, a property management company. Always with a focus on adding value, Mark supervised the budgeting and execution of capital improvements and maintenance of the commercial and multifamily portfolio in Dallas, Texas. These basic ideals are what drives the success of FTK today.

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